Elm Grove Cemetery

Elm Grove Cemetery Historical Context

The first officers and trustees met on June 3, 1891. Dr. Ebenezer A. Deane was named Chairman and G.F. Harrington, Secretary. A committee of three were chosen to draw up articles of association. Dr. Deane agreed to purchase land from R.J. Rowe and hold it until the association was legally established.

The trustees met on June 23, 1891 to adopt articles of association and purchase the land from Dr. Deane, who purchased the first lot (#37).

On April 21, 1919 the cemetery expanded by purchasing an abutting acre from Charles I. & Nina M. Page. At that time, the trustees were: Frederick O. Scott, Erastus B. Burnham, Lucius S. Field, W.C. Cummings, T.P. Harrington.