Elm Grove Cemetery

Elm Grove Cemetery Rules and Fees

Burials and Inurnments:

  • Must be coordinated by the President or the Vice President
  • Surveyed and laid out by the President or the Vice President
  • Performed only by a party designated by the Trustees
  • Recording and survey fees (Waived if burial or inurnment occurs at time lot purchased)
    • Inurnment: $175
    • Earth Burial: $250
  • Number allowed per single lot
    • Inurnments: 4
    • Earth Burial: 1


  • The placement of monuments must be coordinated by the President or the Vice President.
  • Once the location is identified and marked, we will email photos to all concerned for review.
  • Unless a monument is placed at the same time a grave is purchased, a $50 fee is payable to the cemetery.
  • Vertical monuments must have a concrete skirt.
  • As a general rule, only one vertical monument per lot is permitted. Up to four flat stones may be installed per grave.


Survey and recording fees paid to Elm Grove Cemetery PO Box 69 Montague MA 01351:

  • Inurnment - $175
  • Earth Burial - $250
  • Monument - $50
  • Transfer of lot ownership $60

Burial fees paid to authorized contractors:

  • Inurnment - Fees vary.
  • Earth Burial - Fees vary.


Please contact us for information about the location of available space.

  • A single 4' x 8' grave is $450.
  • A grave liner or vault is required for all earth burials.
    • This is to support the soil around a casket and ensure that the soil above will not collapse.
    • A liner or vault may be open at the bottom.
  • Under no circumstances are individuals or families permitted to perform earth burials, inurnments or place monuments.

Elm Grove Cemetery Association
524 Turners Falls Rd, Montague MA
PO Box 69 Montague MA 01351


President: Bradford Councilman
V. President: Ralph Rau


By check only to: Elm Grove Cemetery Association, PO Box 69 Montague MA 01351